Sudhee 2017 presents


A National Level Technical Fest

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about electret

The word excitation has a new meaning. Curious to know what it could be? “Electret-2017”, that is the new synonym. You have seen big last time, wait until you see colossal!! Not to miss out on its prime objective, "ELECTRET-2017", A NATIONAL LEVEL TECHNICAL FEST embarks to broaden its platform and provide a rich learning atmosphere to students, faculty and industry professionals, alike. Students will stand to gain, to learn, to compete, to experience and to live some of the most memorable moments of their lives. The festival prepares to offer ecstasy through a plethora of events and aims at motivating students from different disciplines to come together and share enthusiasm and love for technology. The fest lasts for two days and there are various events, as a part of both technical and non-technical events.


Kowstubha +91 9676402000

Hemeshwar Chary +91 9000234560


Ayesha Farheen +91 8341551818

Vishwamithra +91 8331956827

Srikanth +91 9700822623

Supraja +91 8106307699

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